| Karlene Wieland

The Dog Days of Gratitude-Day One

It seems this time of year in particular, folks start to consider what they are grateful for.  Whether it's the impending Thanksgiving Holiday or the threat of being on Santa's naughty list, we'll take it. It is never a bad idea to be thankful.

So, in this dog eat dog world, we thought we'd share a collection of random acts of dog-related kindness that you can be inspired by and maybe even replicate a few.  Woof it forward.

I just observed this one today- I ran into my favorite pet boutique where they know me, the VP of Quality Assurance, and all of what our furry families favorite treats are.  As usual, this entrepreneur was flying low. I ran past the line at the counter to the back of the store to pick up cases of kitty Weruva. Perfectly timed the line was letting up as another hurried person came into the store.

The man who was at the end of the line greeted the person who had just run into the store as well with a nod of familiarity as she passed and nodded to the cashier as though they were sharing a secret.  He paid and left.  As she was putting his money in the register with one hand I noticed she set something under the counter.  

I stepped up to pay for me kitty food and the hurried person that the man had nodded to came in behind me to pay for her puppy training pads.  I settled up and headed for the door as the cashier put one of those really expensive (and awesome) indestructible puppy toys on top of her package of puppy pads, saying it was already taken care of.

Turns out, the woman with the puppy pads fosters rescue dogs  and recently lost her job.  The man that nodded to her had overheard her commenting to a friend in the lobby of the building where they both lived about her recent loss of income and how she was afraid it would affect her ability to continue her foster work with dogs.  On top of all that her latest puppy was in the potty training phase and was also chewing up everything in site.  

She "couldn't even keep him in toys."  Well there's one less thing she has to worry about this week.  

Woof it forward!