| Karlene Wieland

Canine Apparitions

On today of all days, your colleagues and friends and families are all talking about ghosts (and candy and costumes)  most likely of the human variety.  There are however some ghastly ghostly canine tales worth giving a woof about!

   Here's a favorite of ours-

    The Los Angeles County Pet Cemetery has many strange tales to tell,   The Cemetery was created when a wealthy socialite wanted to have a fitting tribute to her beloved  dog.  She approached the nearby cemetery owner at the time about wanting her dogs remains to be interred in the human cemetery so she could visit.  Never missing an opportunity the cemetery owner suggested creating a dedicated pet  area which ultimately became the dedicated pet cemetery that it is today.  

Many stars have buried their beloved pets there on the years since.  From pet snakes to a dolphin (really) and many many dogs.  It is often said that ghosts of pets can be seen romping in the grass after dark, a favorite being of the friendly pup who is just looking for a little love- in the afterlife that is.  Rudolph Valentino's great Dane, Kabar, died in 1929. To this day he is said to lick people who pass near his grave.

Be safe tonight.  Happy Halloween!