| Karlene Wieland

Happy Halloween to You and Your Dog

 You love Halloween with all of it's fun and candy.  And you love your dog even more.  Sadly, the two aren't a great mix.  Just remember a few tips so you both have fun on Halloween night.

 1).  Chocolate may raises our spirits but it, and sugar in general, is poison to your dog.  Depending on the dog and the amount ingested it can cause anywhere from an upset stomach to death, so keep it out of your dog's reach.  

2).   While we think those ghosts and goblins that we open the door for are adorable, your dog doesn't understand why they smell familiar but look funny.  Skip the confusion and potential growling and keep her away from the trick or treaters. (Shameless plug-the chamomile in Bedtime Bones is a natural calming agent, just sayin'.)

3). For us an open door is an invitation for guests to come in-in this case for trick or treaters to pick their treat.  For dogs, it's an invitation to adventure in the great outdoors.  The VP of Quality Assurance, Koszi, is particularly adventurous so we pay particular attention to keeping the door guarded so she doesn't go trick or treating on her own!

4).  One last thing- we will reserve judgement on Halloween Costumes for your beloved canine-that's between you and your pup.   If you choose to dress her up make sure that it fits snugly enough to not catch on anything that could hurt your pup.  The VP of Quality Assurance has opted for an elegant orange and black tulle collar accented with jack o lanterns.  We made sure it was snug enough but not too snug so it is safe.

Later this week-ghost dogs, fun supernatural canine stories.

Happy Halloween!