| Karlene Wieland

The Oscars Are Going to the Dogs!

It’s almost time for the Oscars. You may not have seen all of the nominated films just yet but you probably have a favorite amongst what you have seen.

We are actually rooting for the dogs! All of them from the rescue organizations who are impacted by the event to the dog-stars everyone is talking about (and even those named after celebrities just because.) We want them all to win and have coordinated our favorite Oscar/Dog stories for you on this Friday afternoon.

So this year, the Badass Brooklyn rescue is promoting a dozen or so if it’s rescued pups through an ingenious grass roots campaign for the pups to show their stuff through their voting skills. By my count, “Boyhood” wins Best Picture but you really should check it out yourself.

Halo and freekibble are sites that donate food to cats and dogs just by participating in a trivia contest. You don’t have to get the trivia right for the donation to be made. Ellen Degeneres has teamed up with them at the Oscars. She’s donating pet food from her pet food company to the non-winning Oscar nominees' choice of charity. NICE.

If you click here you will learn more about this altruistic gesture but about a recently released informal study by Banfield Pet hospital about pets named after Oscar nominees. I’m not sure if Bradley Pooper or Benedict Cumberscratch is my favorite.

And now to what the Oscars are really about-There is a lot of conversation out there about the cutest dogs in movies and the greatest dog actors of all time. Not to mention this years best pictures hacked with dogs taking them over.

All of our silliness aside, did you know there is a an Oscar-like dog actor television event? Or at least there was this past January for the first time on the CW. It's called The World Dog Awards. REALLY.

We don't actually know if he was nominated but we'd vote for Hachi to win, every time. It’s based on a real story that will make you cry every. single. time.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Oscars!