| Karlene Wieland

Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

It’s just about that time. You made a bunch of resolutions that you have already decided better of but if you go back to the Julian Calendar  is the Old New Year. In my estimation that means you get a do-over if you want.

I tend to think we should find something to celebrate in everyday. Conveniently, it’s also Kite Day, Ratification Day, Organize Your Home Day, Caesarean Section Day and Dress Up Your Pet Day so we have lots of choices. Needless to say “National Dress Up Your Pet Day” is the most appealing to us here at Bedtime4Dogs.

No, it’s not an “official” national holiday (no banks are closed because of it) but it's the most fun, so far this year, for us pampered pet parents. It was invented in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige in order to celebrate the pets that are part of our families and support those in the pet fashion community. The national news has gotten in on the act with their proverbial tongue tucked into their cheek.  Even USA today is talking about it.  I suspect if you look at your local news they will be participating as well. I know some stations are in this market.

Were The Chief Inspiration Officer a human, I think she’d have something truly indignant to say about this day as she doesn’t love being dressed up. She does tolerate her winter coat, however. (And yes, that’s a pink flower broach on her collar.) I believe that expression translates from dog to “I’m wearing this because I love you,” in human.

We will work on the outfit with the princess tiara next. Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day! And Happy New Year too!