| Michaela Fisher

14 Ways to Spoil Your Canine Valentine!

“It’s me or the dog!” is not something anyone wants to hear in February. Fortunately, we know which one you’d choose, so here are 14 things you can do with your dog(s) to spoil your Canine Valentine!
1. Homemade Dog Biscuits

Nothing says love like a sweet treat to brighten your dog’s day! Did you know that’s how our company started? Bedtime Bones was a homemade biscuit made to help the Chief Inspiration Officer get a good night of sleep. So find a recipe and a favorite flavor and get cooking!

2. Finger/Paw-painting
There is a saying that the secret to art is love. What better way to show your love than to have a painting session with you and your pooch? Grab some paint, and see what the two of you can create! Make sure you use edible (i.e. safe paints) and clean those paws after.  (There are elephants who create priceless art-really!)
Shopping Day

3. Shop till You Drop! 

With the dreary weather in February it’s easy for people to start feeling down. That’s why it’s so important to treat yourself! Reward you and your dog after a long week of work by going out on the town! Get yourself a nice necklace, and maybe a flashy collar for your furry friend? Look for a local resource that can help you identify the places that will welcome Fido.

4. Nature Hike
With all that free time you have, why not take a bit of a road trip? Pack up you and your canine and travel to your closest nature area and go enjoy all the sights, smells, and sounds there are to offer! Remember to check the nature area you are going to permits pets on the property. Here's a resource.

5. Spa Day

Time to pamper you and your pooch! Take a luxurious bath with a delectable bath bomb, and when you’re done, get your dog squeaky clean too. Veterinarians recommend bathing your dog no more than once a month, otherwise you’ll risk drying out their skin. Careful with the water temp and be liberal with the rubbing!

6. Hide and Treat

Let’s put those homemade treats to good use!  Hide dog biscuits throughout the house. It’ll be a nice surprise for your dog, and give them something to do while you’re not by their side.

7. Play Time All the Time

Most dogs love to play, so why not treat your pup to a fun game of fetch? Buy (or make) a valentine themed toy for your dog and go to town! You can even make a heart shaped toy that requires no sewing just to keep on theme! 

8. Picnic in the Park

If the weather is warm enough, why not have an outdoor lunch date with your pooch? Find your local park and take some time to roll out the blanket and absorb some sun. And if it’s too cold? Well then the two of you can romp around in the snowy fun!

9. Movie Night

On Thursday night why not take some time to unwind, and watch a movie? Be sure to pick out something you’ll both like- "Lady and the Tramp" is a true classic!

10. A Moonlight Walk

After a long week at work, take some time to reflect by taking a late night walk with you and your dog. Stroll down the sidewalk under the soft glow of the street lamps, look up at the twinkling stars and full moon, and take a moment to remember how lucky you are to have your furry friend in your life.

11. Lazy Breakfast in Bed

After that late night walk, why not sleep in a little! Stay in your pajamas, read, watch tv, and just relax. Your pup can cuddle with you or crawl up on their own pillow right next to you of course. ☺

12. Sync up your Wardrobe
You know those families who wear matching shirts to the amusement parks?  Well, your dog is family too.  Try out a twinning day to feel the love with your canine pal! Maybe try matching bandanas? 

13. Doggy Massage
If you’ve ever gotten a massage, you know how good it feels! So why not try your hand at giving your dog some body love? Check out how to be a master pooch masseuse! 

14. Poetry Reading
Recent studies say that reading for six minutes before you go to bed can make you sleep better. And talking to your pet in calm manner before bed helps your dog relax and ensure they sleep well too. Ding ding! How about a little poetry reading for your pooch. Why not it's Valentine Day?

*Michaela Fisher is our guest blogger and animal lover. See more from her here regularly.