• Bedtime Bones™

    Bedtime Bones™ are an organic, chamomile treat to help your dog sleep. Made with all organic ingredients—no wheat, soy, corn or fillers, it is a healthy, natural choice. It comes in an adorable recycled box, made from recycled materials & produced with wind power. We're told it also makes a great gift for the dog lovers in your life. And we like it when you share!

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  • Baubles

    While you may come home from a busy day and collapse on the bed, your furry family deserves better. Dogs need consistency at bedtime — a balanced meal, energetic romp, and a favorite toy. This is where Baa Baa Bedtime comes in—an eco-friendly sheep with chamomile inside. Since dogs are sensitive to smell, the chamomile is attractive & calming.

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  • Wholesale

    The biggest compliment we can receive, is our customers sharing our products. What makes us different as a business partner? In addition to volume wholesale pricing, we offer marketing tools. If you're a store who would like to sell our products to your customers, just enter here and your account will be created. We look forward to doing business with you.

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